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Social Impact

Wion Motors is a Social Business and part of its Profit is Invested into Social impact projects to address issues of Poverty, Youth and women empowerment, targeting the marginalised Social classes of People in Communities and so many other activities.

  • Women Empowerment
  • Youth Skilling in Auto Repair
  • Tree Planting Projects
  • Road Safety Programs
  • Sports Sponsorship (Motor-sport)
  • Child Sponsorships
  • Social-economical support to communities
  • Youth Empowerment

What we do

The Company addresses issues of poverty in communities through

Youth empowerment

Youth empowerment & Vocational training through skilling them in the auto-repairs regardless of the education background as long as they have the passion.

Environmental clean-up

Environmental clean-up (air pollution) through large scale trees planting as a way of reducing greenhouse gases in the atmosphere.

Empowering of Women

Empowering of Women (Single Mothers) by providing them dignified employment in the tree plantations.

Road Safety Programs

Proper road use and safety awareness campaigns for secondary schools as a way sensitizing future road users and car drivers.

Internship placement

We Offer internship placement to unprivileged University students & Youth to enhance their exposure in the job market.

And so many others

What we have done

Since 2014 We are proud to have achieved social impact in areas of :-

Youth Skilling and mentorship

Skilling ghetto youth (23) in the auto-repair industry.

Provided internship opportunities

Provided internship to 13 Youth and University students.

Planted trees

Environmental conservation programs (Large scale Tree planting).

Road safety education

Involved in National wide road accident awareness programs with other partners.

Empowered the women

Dignified support of 07 village women (Single mothers) working on our tree planting projects in the villages of Buwagga & Kisozi.


Wion Motors is a Social Business; an Auto-trading enterprise dealing in repairs and maintenance of Vehicles/Generators, as well as Import & Sale of Cars/Spare Parts. We participate in bidding process for tenders to supply automotives as well as offer Car repair & maintenance services for organizations such as NGOs, Uganda government agencies, schools and individuals. The company is obligated to offer high quality services of auto-import and repair services to its customers in Uganda.

+256 705 195 389


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