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About Wion Motors Limited

Wion Motors is a Social Business; an Auto-trading enterprise dealing in repairs and maintenance of Vehicles/Generators, as well as Import & Sale of Cars/Spare Parts. We participate in bidding process for tenders to supply automotives as well as offer Car repair & maintenance services for organizations such as NGOs, Uganda government agencies, schools and individuals. The company is obligated to offer high quality services of auto-import and repair services to its customers in Uganda.

The Garage workshop offers Mechanical and Electrical Car repair solutions of all types of Japanese Vehicles; • Engine servicing,

  • Engine servicing,
  • Body works,
  • Spraying,
  • Air Conditioning,
  • Suspension works,
  • Site stats
  • Engine Overhauls,
  • Transmission Works,
  • e.t.c
Car Import

Our Japan office supplies genuine new and used original Japanese spare parts for motor vehicles which the Uganda repair workshop uses in its day-to-day running of repair and fitting jobs. We stock our own spares worth $50,000 to ensure timely delivery of our works.

Organization Structure